Storytelling is the most effective communication and community-building skill that Higher-Ed professionals have in their toolkit.  No matter your Higher-Ed context, storytelling will help you identify and embrace your own response to change, even as you help students to do the same.  Change is likely to be our only certainty in the months ahead. Storytelling provides us with tools to recognize, negotiate, and learn from change with compassion. It can help us reach and retain students and support the work we do to transform lives. When we awaken the storyteller within us, we honor our own and our students’ identities, communities, and processes of change. Taking on the mind-set, and the heart-set, of the storyteller keeps us open to change and growth, and sensitive to how we are asking our students to be open to the same. This webinar series is meant to help you utilize the power of storytelling to document change as you deepen your own skills as a storyteller.